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Position the rod to 10 o’clock and swim your jig back with intermittent pules to give an erratic action that triggers strikes. Pair the lure's action with water and fishing conditions. They are a couple clumps of hair from a deer tied with thread to different sizes of jig heads. Having a great trailer and jig combination can make all the difference when it comes to catching bass. Then, pop your rod tip to give the jig some action to entice those possible suspended bass. You can fish from pre-spawn all the way to late fall with a swim jig if the cover and grass are right for it. Choosing the correct jig trailer for the application is crucial for getting more and bigger bites. 1. The reason I choose spinning reels is because of their weight. When I use a Swim Jig most of time I use a Soft Plastic Swim Bait (depending on the length) I'll cut it in half and use the back half. Every time you feel yourself getting hung up on something, tighten up the slack and pop the rod back. Whether bass are feeding aggressively, seeking shade in shallow cover, or are relating to bait off-shore, there is a technique how to jig for Bass in each condition. Swim jigs get bit due largely to reactions to the action and exact swimming depth. Let’s take a look at some of the gear you’ll need. Most anglers would trail these with a craw or grub. This is one of the most popular fishing techniques on the planet, and it’s rather simple to understand. Here, the versatility of the swim jig shines again. That changes the type of trailer chosen significantly. This casting technique is super precise, and while you might not be able to cast extremely long distances, it works well if you’re fishing areas that you know have bass, but you have a hard time reaching them. Keep in mind that the bass can only be a few yards away for this to work. Aim at your target with the tip of your rod. 5. Natural colors like our Brown Skirt Jig + Curl Tail Grub are the most versatile. Another area where chunks work well is if you’re using a swim jig. Many anglers take the skirt off to improve the rate of your hook set, but I would only do this if you’re certain there are no weeds around. Free shipping on orders over $50 and FREE pick-up at your local store if you buy online! Trailers added to your jig will affect the way it presents and can change the way it moves as well as it appears. Fishing a jig for Bass is one of the most common and versatile ways to catch fish. So let’s start right there. To fish chatterbait, consider putting a trailer on your line, which will imitate the swimming action of baitfish and increase your chances of getting a bite. Jig fishing is a tried and true method for producing big bass. There are very few lures out there that are as versatile and deadly as the jig. You can also use small movements with your rod to make the jig move up and down in the water as you retrieve the lure. Once you cast, let the jig fall to the bottom and use the rod tip to pull the jig across the bottom of the water. Justin is often found on both sides of a camera and enjoys hunting, golf, camping, and making maple syrup. Flip your jig to accurately hit an exact target when Bass are holding on a tough to reach spot. On the contrary, if you go out there when it’s 85 and sunny in July with a gray jig, they might not bite because it won’t attract them enough. I’d suggest going with a casting or spinning rod; I don’t have a preference on that because it depends on your fishing style. My favorite is the Zoom Chunk or Super Chunk. Using the incorrect rod and reel will impact your casting, and you’ll miss out on some opportunities. Free 5-7 Day Shipping on Orders Over $50! All you need to do is retrieve the jig through the water column as you would with a spinnerbait or baitfish style lure. Many anglers may use rattles with these too, and some even come with one built-in to draw some additional attention. If you don’t like to cast into the weeds, you’ll want to use a football jig. Press your thumb down on the spool and release button like a typical cast. The tube’s tentacles also make the trailer ideal for a slow presentation. I've found tremendous success with a jig trailer … If you’re fishing a grass jig, then you would want a smaller trailer like a grub because the movement on your part will play a more significant role in your success. I’ve used jig trailers when the weather is colder outside, and it seems like there isn’t much activity out at my local late. This technique is powerful, and it requires you to rip up your rod a few feet on the retrieval and then pause for a few seconds. If you’re fishing deeper water, you might be able to find schools of fish by dragging your lure across the bottom. As a third-generation angler, he as a plethora of knowledge and experience on the water and loves sharing what he knows. Jigs can be used year round. The jig head comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Pat's Restaurant Centre, Al, 3 To 5-ingredient Recipes, Pork Intestine Nutrition, Indoor Fish Farm For Sale, Incredibox M&m Apk, How To Grow Spinach In Zimbabwe, Laser Battle Hunters Amazon,